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Miele Vacuum Cleaners excel on wood or other non carpet floors as well as carpeted surfaces with  models built to fit your needs. Rubber wheels guarantee no scratches or floor abrasions.

Miele motors are designed to provide extremely high air flow needed to clean non carpeted surfaces such as wood or tile and marble. Variable air flow adjustments allow for the performance demands of area rugs and shears and every thing in between.

Miele prides itself in the fact that their vacuums are in a class by themselves in regards to air filtration. The hands down choice for allergy suffers. Carolina Forest Vacuum has tested all the major brand vacuum cleaners and Miele is unsurpassed in dust and allergy omissions. The fit and finish is second to none.

Miele has been an independent family-owned company since its establishment in 1899 and is equally committed to its owners, employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and society.


Miele offers products to its customers that set the standards for durability, performance, ease of use, energy efficiency, design and service. This corresponds to the guiding principle “Immer besser” which the founders Carl Miele (left) and Reinhard Zinkann printed on their first machines – and which characterizes Miele to this day.

The company focuses exclusively on the Miele brand and its consistent positioning in the premium segment. Miele stands for long-term thinking and planning, continuity of values and goals, good relationships with customers and suppliers, as well as an employee-oriented corporate and leadership culture.

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  • Miele | Dynamic U1 PowerLine Upright Vacuum

    : $749.00 (Save: $100.00)
  • Sale!

    Miele | Blizzard CX1 PureSuction PowerLine Bagless SKRE0 #10829430

    : $699.00 (Save: $70.00)
  • Sale!

    Miele | Complete C3 Soft Carpet Canister Vacuum

    : $1,299.00 (Save: $450.00)
  • Sale!

    Miele | Dynamic S7 Jazz HEPA Upright Vacuum

    : $749.00 (Save: $170.00)
  • Sale!

    Miele | Triflex HX1 Cordless Hi Performance Stick Vac – Graphite Grey SMUL0 #11423880

    : $699.00 (Save: $200.00)
  • Sale!

    Miele | Cat & Dog U1 Dynamic

    : $799.00 (Save: $100.00)
  • Sale!

    Miele | Compact C1 Pure Suction PowerLine SCAE0 #10636160

    : $549.00 (Save: $80.00)
  • Sale!

    Miele | Blizzard CX1 Turbo Team PowerLine Bagless Vacuum SKCEO #10829400

    : $699.00 (Save: $20.00)
  • Sale!

    Miele | Classic C1 Turbo Team PowerLine SBAN0 #11181010

    : $549.00 (Save: $80.00)
  • Sale!

    Miele | Complete C3 Marin PowerLine SGJE0 #10014700

    : $1,499.00 (Save: $130.00)
  • Sale!

    Miele | Complete C3 Kona Vacuum Cleaner SGFEO #10014580

    : $1,259.00 (Save: $100.00)
  • Sale!

    Miele | C1 Cat & Dog Classic Vacuum Cleaner w/Powerhead SBBN0 #10639470

    : $889.00 (Save: $100.00)