JUKI MO-1000 Air threading Pro Serger


JUKI MO-1000 Air threading Pro Serger

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JUKI MO-1000 Air threading Pro Serger

No Tax Free Shipping  with Juki Jet-Air automatic upper and lower threading technology. The Juki MO 1000 serger threads the loopers with the push of a button! Thread is sent directly through Juki Overlock MO 1000 tubular loopers and this eliminates threading mistakes and protects the thread. As a result there are no thread guides with no struggling, and no frustration with tweezers.

The Juki MO 1000 features


A “seam” is formed whenever you join two pieces of fabric together. The raw edges of fabric need to be treated in some way so they don’t fray and come undone. “Seam finishes” are different ways to finish the raw edges, make them more durable, and make the inside of your garments look nice and clean. Common seam finishes include serged (or overlocked) edges, zigzagged edges, french seams, and bias bound seams.

It’s especially important to finish your seams on woven fabrics, as they’re prone to fraying.

The huge benifit with the Juki MO 1000 is you can eliminate the fraying, not cuss like a drunken sailor and save money on wrinkle fighting skin creme.

No Tax  Free Shipping that beats Amazon- Ebay and other Monster Stores.

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JUKI MO-1000 Air threading Pro Serger

Automtic needle threading serger Overlock.

No Tax Free Shipping as a result you save money and support Mom and Pop small business.

Front view Mo 1000 air threader
Front open view MO 1000

Imagine how simple serging would be if threading the serger wasn’t necessary? The Juki MO 1000 with Jet-Air threading technology is your answer.

With just a button press, the Juki MO 1000 threads the loopers! The Juki Overlock MO 1000 directly sends the thread through its tubular loopers. This not only prevents threading errors but also safeguards the thread. With the Juki MO 1000, there are no hard to read thread guides , no struggles, and no frustrations. Also as a result you save on high blood pressure medicine and live a longer happier life!



The JUKI MO 1000 SERGER is a sewing machine that can sew stretchy fabrics like knits and georgette. It has a simple threader and a differential feed feature to create a nicely finished look.

Choose fabric with a 2:1 ratio that will always give you consistent results, no matter which fabric you use.

The needle and knife are closer together (9.95mm instead of 15.5mm), making it easier to sew pretty curves.

The results are easy to see with a great finished product.

Switch to dual-thread stitching by sliding the attachment to the left for a more straightforward operation.

Broad Throat Space

The throat’s height is 72.4mm, offering a spacious and user-friendly workspace. This is ideal for larger garments, creating room to work and to guide projects into the needle area.

Silent FunctioningThe noise-reducing design lessens the operational sound and enables the machine to sew with minimal vibration. Less vibration produces better stich quality while prolonging the the life expectancy of the machine.

LED Stitching LightThe needle zone is well-lit, making the serging process less straining on your eyes.

Waste BinIncluded as a standard accessory, the waste bin collects the trimmed fabric.

Additional Handy Features:

  • Auto rolled hemming creates a narrow hem using one needle thread and one or both looper threads. You can use it on finer fabrics like silk, satin, and cotton.
  • You can choose to turn off the top knife when using an overcast stitch. When using an overcast stitch, you have the option to turn off the top knife.
  • People also know this stitch as a lockstitch or overlock stitch. A special foot does it, providing a serger-like finish. The best part is that it doesn’t cut off any extra fabric.
  • The safety mechanism stops operation when you raise the presser foot or open the cover.
  • Thread cutting blade for effortless thread trimming
  • Adjustable pressure of the presser foot. The adjustment of the presser foot pressure is a frequently neglected but highly beneficial feature on a sewing machine. You can adjust the pressure of the foot to ensure you feed the fabric correctly.
  • Dial for adjusting cutting width Why can’t we just set a width for this cutting and leave it there forever? All fabrics and techniques are different. I cut the below fabrics at the same cutting width setting but the stitches are different on both.
  • Having the ability to make these adjustments really helps get the best finish on every fabric. You might make a more narrow cutting width on fine, thin fabrics, and a wider cutting width on thicker fabrics, for example.

Effortless Threading with the Simple Threader

The new threader makes threading the machine easier. It works by sending a strong burst of air from the electric motor. The threading hole sends the air to the looper. This incredible feature significantly changes the threading of the upper and lower loopers.

The automatic needle threader makes threading needles easy. It uses a lever for the regular needles and a button for the looper threader. This feature saves so much time and frustration.

Setting up a less expensive serger machine requires more time and rethreading if a thread breaks. This, in turn, negates the speed advantage of the serger.

  • Place 1 to 2 cm of thread.
  • Hit the air-control button.
  • That’s it!
  1. Air simply threaded the machine.
Close up view looper threading
Front view auto threading lower looper

Auto Needle Threading Feature

Swiftly thread your needle! The auto needle threading feature accomplishes needle threading in 3 simple steps.

The added benefit is less wrinkles that occur with frowning and the frequent use of poor vocabulary often attributed to sailors!

  1. Lower the threading lever
  2. Attach the thread
  3. Complete the threading process by moving the lever back
Image of Needle threader
Front view auto threader for twin needles

Accessories Included:

  • User guide
  • Guarantee details
  • Tutorial DVD
  • Waste collector
  • Set of needles
  • Screwdriver tool
  • Pair of tweezers

But wait there is more.

  • Brush for needle insertion
  • Electronic pedal control
  • Thread protectors
  • Lubricating oil
  • Spool covers
  • Threading tool for looper
  • Protective dust cover
  • Foam pad for thread
  • Holders for spool pin cone

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