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Juki Sewing, Quilters, Sergers, Longarm, and Overlock Machines

We are pleased to announce that we now carry Juki Sewing, Quilter, Sergers, Longarm and Overlock Machines. Juki ranks as the #1 sewing machine manufacturer in the world.

Home Technology Revolutionized
Juki’s revolutionary advancements in home sewing technology included the development of the first rotary needle thread take-up system in 1954, the first automatic thread trimmer and auto needle threader in 1978, and the first auto thread tension system in 1985. These breakthroughs in home sewing brought about the progression of new HZL models at that time in Japan.

Sergers on the Scene
In 1978, the first Juki home overlock machines were manufactured with industrial serger technology. When released to the American market, these machines were considered a major breakthrough in home sewing capabilities and became quite famous in the market. Home machine independent retailers and industrial machine distributors alike were delighted with the performance and durability of the new Juki Lock MO-100 Series. The MO-100 Series paved the way for more exciting developments to come!

Juki is now very excited to expand the serger line with their cutting edge addition, the MO-1000 with air powered threading. This efficient new model is a 2-needle, 2/3/4 thread with differential feed and is currently available.

Juki TL Quilting & Sewing Machines
Many quilters will remember when the first TL-98E made its debut in 1998. This single needle lockstitch machine with automatic thread trimming, an extended sewing arm and high sewing speed was the first industrial type unit available to the home sewer. The machine’s popularity grew not only with quilters but with dress makers, designers and decorators alike. The series has evolved into the present day models, the TL-2010Q and TL-2000Qi. These are the highest quality machines in this class on the market today.

Juki quilting machine Juki Introduces TL-2200 Quilt Virtuoso Pro
And now enters the TL-2200QVP! Juki’s Research and Development division has once again answered the call for a machine requested by independent retailers and consumers. Their long arm Quilt Virtuoso Pro debuted in 2013 to rave reviews and has been a hit at trade shows and special events throughout the country. Made in Japan, the accuracy and performance of this unit is unequalled. Coupled with the QuiltMotion automated quilting system powered by the Quilter’s Creative Touch Software, you have the capability to provide your customers with the cutting edge of long arm quilting!

Some of you have been sewing with a Juki for years and not known about the real manufacture of your machine as Juki makes sergers and cover machines for several of the top brand names in the world.

If you are in the market for a quilting machine or a serger, don’t buy until you look at a Juki. Their self threading upper needles and loopers, on their top line sergers are hands down the best in the World and no other company manufactures one.

Changing the thread on a Juki Serger is NOT the nightmare it can be on other sergers. We have them here at Carolina Forest Vacuum & Sewing now!

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