Embroidery Sewing Machine- Combination Embroidery and Sewing Machine

Embroidery only, embroidery sewing- quilting machine combination.

The combination of embroidery, quilting, and sewing machine is currently one of the top-selling products in the crafting sewing hobbyist world.

One machine that allows the user to access all three crafts with just one machine saves money and space while expanding creativity.

Each discipline has key features for you to pay attention to.

The embroidery machine’s

The key feature is the embroidery field or area. The larger it is the larger designs you can create and combine.

Brother XJ1 Combination machine
Brother XJ1 Combination machine

The larger the embroidery field the larger your fonts and images will be and the larger the price tag.

Quilting Machines feature advanced material feed systems to ensure the reduction or elimination of material puckering.

They will often use larger motors for higher speeds and more piercing power as well as walking feet and additional sensor systems to help eliminate stitch elongation.

More expensive quilting machines feature larger throat areas to enable you to sew larger items such as quilts.

Sewing Machine key features:

Utility stitches are the backbone of a sewing machine closely followed by machine construction.

Button hole makers, stretch stiches for most wash and wear garments , blind hems along with straight stich and zig zag are must have for general sewing machines.

viking 6570 metal frame machine
viking 6570 metal frame machine
Singer cast Iron frame vintage sewing machine.
Singer cast Iron frame vintage sewing machine.

Metal skeleton or frame with ball bearings and computer balanced drive shafts are the foundation.

When a sewing machine is missing these mainline features it often will perform poorly.

Bird nesting and jaming along with skipping stiches are hallmarks of cheaply built machines.

Short lifespans are also the result of budget entry level sewing machines.

Many people purchase plastic low cost machines when starting off on their sewing adventure or give them as gifts for young potential sewing enthusiast.

The results however can be the lost of interest as the machines fail to perform well.

One easy way to check for quality contruction is the weight of the machine. Metal frame machines weigh more.

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