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Electrolux Aerus Platinum Power Teams and upright machines sold exclusively at your local franchise store like Carolina Forest Vac & Sew.

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Electrolux Aerus Platinum Vacuums

A lot of people are confused about who actually makes the Electrolux brand of vacuums. The confusion is justified, as there are two companies involved with the “Electrolux” brand name.

The “new” Electrolux models available at local retailers, are made by Electrolux Home Care Products North America, which also manufactures vacuums under the Eureka and Sanitaire brand names. The “original” Electrolux vacuum cleaner that your mother and grandmother used and trusted is now called the Aerus Lux and is manufactured by Aerus LLC.

Aerus Lux vacuums are only available through an authorized Aerus Healthy Home Consultants. Sorry No internet sales.

See store for details and be sure to ask about 0% 6 month financing .

Aerus Lux Canister Vacuum Features

There are 3 primary problems with vacuum cleaners that the Lux line of canister vacuums is designed to overcome.

  • A loss of power occurs in conventional vacuums when dust blocks the pores of the bag or filter, causing a decrease in airflow. Lux vacuum cleaners operate with cyclonic suction, preventing clogs and keeping power at its peak.
  • Blow-through occurs when fine dirt and dust pass through the bag and filter, re-entering the air when using a conventional vacuum cleaner. Lux canisters are equipped with high efficiency filters to capture even the tiniest of pollutants.
  • In conventional vacuums, insufficient airflow is a consequence of using flat tools on a flat surface. All tools for the Lux line are air breathing, permitting consistent, high-velocity airflow for more efficient cleaning