Brother | ETPBEST100 Embroidery Thread Set


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Brother ETPBEST100 Embroidery thread Set Free  Shipping No Tax (outside S.C.)

Thread Set Best 100 Colors includes the top 100 best selling colors in the Brother thread line.  The Brother ETPBEST100 Embroidery Thread Set Best 100 Colors is 100% polyester thread in 1000m spools.  Check out the colors incuded in the Brother ETPBEST100 Embroidery Thread Set Best 100 Colors. Designed to pop visually on appearance.

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Genuine Brother® AccessoryBrother ETPBEST100 Embroidery thread Set Free Shipping ,No Tax (outside S.C.)

Quality embroidery thread Simplicity Pro is the starting point in all embroidery designs. Be sure you always start with the best. Carolina Forest Vacuum & Sewing offers a great selection and price on top line thread products.This thread works great on all brands of machines, too! Each spool is 1100 yds of beautiful polyester thread!Save by the box of 4 just 12.00 or 4.49 by the mini king spool or purchase the set.Our durable, high sheen embroidery thread is made of 100% polyester, which retains its color, heat resistance, and strength. The 40-weight, 1,100 yard spools are single-snap to help keep your thread from unwinding. The thread is specially designed and tested for Brother® embroidery machines.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 3 in