Bluefig | SCB Serger Carry Bag


Bluefig | SCB Serger Carry Bag

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Bluefig | SCB Serger Carry Bag

Part Number: SCB – Serger Purple carry bag, SOFT padded Carry Case.
Fits most models and brands. SCB – SERGER TOTE.
– 13.5”w x 13”h x 12.5”d Top Loading Accessory Pockets Shoulder Strap.

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Part Number: SCB – Serger carry bag, Serger Carry Case
Purple padded Fit All Zippered tote with adjustable carry straps.
Protect your machine and make it portable .
Purple color makes it stand out.
– 13.5”w x 13”h x 12.5”d.
– Top Loading.
– Accessory Pockets.
– Shoulder Strap.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 3 × 14 in
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